Frequently Asked Questions

How far will you travel?
We are willing to travel all over the UK and worldwide.

Do you have a demo?
Yes of course, You can view our video demo here on our website or request a DVD to be posted to you.

What are your technical requirements?
Our minimum power requirements are 4 x 13 amp supplies. We will work with your venue to ensure our techincal requirements are catered for.

Do you need a stage?
Yes, it is better if we are on a stage as it helps with the projection of sound and ease of viewing for your guests. A stage size of around 7m x 5m is ideal although we have fit onto smaller.

Do we need to pay you a deposit?
Yes we will require a deposit of 50% of the full fee to secure the booking. The balance is then due 2 weeks before your event.

How much do you charge?
Pricing varies according to the size of the band you require, distance of travel and additional options. Please email or make an enquiry for an exact quote.

Do you have any personal requirements?
Yes, we will require changing rooms for the duration of the event and continual access to refreshment drinks: Water, Tea & Cofee. We also require a hot meal for each band and crew member.

How long do you need to setup?
We require a minimum of 2 hours to set up although we would prefer more time if possible.

Can I come and see you play?
Unfortunately most of our bookings are for private events so this can be difficult. It is not impossible though as some of our clients are happy for you to stand near the back of the room and watch. Please get in touch for more details.

How do I make a booking?
Just fill out the enquiry form and we will contact you by email or phone within 24 hours. The next step would be for us to meet face to face and discuss your requirements.


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